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How Eyes Recognize an Animating Object 눈이 움직이는 대상을 인식하는 방법, 2010
Book (Originally written in Korean, The prologue available in English below)

Publication date: December 2010
Language: Korean
Dimensions: 7.75 * 5.5 inches
Book length: 94 pages

‘How Eyes Recognize an Animating Object’ is about how eyes recognize an animating object just like the title says. Although it sounds very theoretical, and traverses many ophthalmological theories, I have tried to write freely and keep natural tone.

Right after a human being appeared in the world, he recognized an animating object immediately. At the end of the Paleolithic Age, he saw a running mammoth. After a steam engine was invented, he could recognize an animating object either while he was standing still, or he was also moving. In this 19th century, he might be embarrassed because of the new scene he could encounter, but now we have well trained visual system of seeing animating images.

I started this study because of one experience I had when I was sitting on a stand in a tennis court. I saw a running man. When I saw him, I felt that my left and right eyes worked separately. In other words, they were recognizing the man separately. This can sound natural, but what I mean is, for example, my left eye recognized him when he stepped his right foot, while my right eye recognized him when he stepped his left foot. It was a very weird experience, so I climbed to the highest point of the stand to look out over the court. I saw the four edges of the court, and realized that my right and left eyes recognized the scene separately, and combined four fragmented scenes into one scene at somewhere backside of my visual system. I was not able to understand this experience, so I experimented other situation that is: taking a bus and seeing the outside moving object, and seeing outside still object. Both experiences gave me a strong motivation to write this book. In both situations, my eyes recognized outside objects separately anyway – because I was moving in both situations. In other words, each eye saw objects staggered. After I realized this, I started to see every moving object in this way. I though this is the actual way we recognize an animating object, which we have not realized yet because we are imperfect beings.