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Fail to go BACK TO THE FUTURE, 2013
Mixed media
size: dimensions variable

This project started from my sudden imagination that 'can I time travel if I follow the rules of the movie 'Back to the Future' like the characters in the movie succeeded in time travel?' The title 'Fail to go BACK TO THE FUTURE' concludes that it is inevitable to fail even if I seriously follow two main characters who succeeded in time traveling in the movie.

#3. 30 times of opportunities, 2013 Digital clock with a 13 minute delay and a mirror/ size: 6.5 x 8.7 x 15.6 inches (22 x 39.5 x 16.5 cm)
#4. The record of 30 times of opportunities, 2013 Photography/ size: 35.6 x 28.4 inches (90.5 x 67 cm)
#7. Distance, force, and an exact moment, 2013 A track encircles a spinning board/ size: 11.1 x 82.7 x 82.7 inches (210 x 210 x 28.3 cm) Performer: Miri Jin
#8. Lorraine's Function, 2013 Lorraine's function is written on the paper. The object is installed under the sunshine from the window/ size: 1.2 x 35.4 x 26.5 inches (90x 67.2 x 3 cm)
#9. Your prompt choice brings unpredictable results, 2013 32 pieces of round magnets on the wooden game board/ size: 4.5 x 18.9 x 18.9 inches (11.5 x 11.5 x 40.8 cm)
#10. Would I succeed?, 2013 CCTV captured images of my performance at 6:00 A.M./ size: 10.1 X 25.4 inches (25.7 X 64.5 X 2.6 cm)

You can see the larger images when you click the thumbnails below. Right below is the description of each object in this work.

#3. My work starts from the interesting irony that there is no concept of ‘present’ in time traveling. For example, you might say you are from the past if you travel to the future, while you might say you are from the future if you go back to the past. Like this, this object was designed not to have the present time. The broken electric clock is always not indicating present time, and the reflected time is a time only when reflected numerics are readable. For example, the reflection of 11:10 is 01:11. I discovered that this moment happens 30 out of 1440 times (one day = 1440 minutes). Like this, time traveling is not always possible.
#4. One night, I planned to capture this 30 times of moments. I got 22 times, but lost 8 times.
#7. When audiences go for a time travel, they could meet this object. I built a structure for an actual time traveling by following the instructions of the movie. In the movie, going back to the future needs three conditions: a long distance, force, and certain exact moment. I made this object after thinking about the structure that simultaneously satisfies all three factors above.
There will be a point where the spinning board looks still(stop) when people continuously run on the track at the same speed as the spinning board. However, the force made here is 'friction' between the person and the ground track. She ends up failing to go back to the future.
#9. In time traveling, unpredictable events happen always. I invented a game with the pieces that made out of round magnets. We do not know north pole and south pole of round magnets. Since the person does not know the consequences of his action, whether he can catch the other player's piece or not, he can only make prompt choices. Hence, the board game with magnets brings unpredictable results.
#10. Just like Marthy eventually came back to his time era at the end of the movie, I want to show that I am back. To show my presence in my time zone, I needed to compare my time and public time. So, I brought my clock and was captured by the CCTV of one building's elevator at 6A.M. image 2 bttf small.jpg image 1 bttf small.jpg image 1 clock small.jpg image 1 record small.jpg image 1 record small3.jpg image 2 record small.jpg image circle small.jpg image 1 lorraine small.jpg image 1 your prompt small.jpg image 1 would i small.jpg small.jpg small.jpg small.jpg small.jpg