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Canon Image Runner C4080 1, 2012
216 original copies out of 217 copies, and installed copies are: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 14th 24th 34th 44th 54th 64th 74th 84th 94th 104th 114th 124th 134th 144th 154th 164th 174th 184th 194th 204th 214th 215th 216th 217th - The order starts from left to right.
size: dimensions variable

For other work I did in the past, I needed to use a copy machine numerous times. During the copying process of this work, I realized that the image that was being copied got smaller one after another – nearly 1mm smaller per every 10 copies.
One thing became curious to me: would it become a dot at some point if I constantly copy a hollow rectangle? Firstly, I had the hollow black color rectangle image. Then, I copied the image to produce the 1st copy. Thereafter, I copied the 1st copy to produce the 2nd, the 2nd copy to produce the 3rd copy and so on. After the experiment, I discovered that the rectangle initially became smaller then exploded as if it was being shot.