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Canon Image Runner C 4080 2 - HP Color Laser Jet CM6040f MFP - Aficio MP C5502, 2012, 2014

copies under the different conditions
size: dimensions variable

After finishing the work 'Canon Image Runner C4080 1, 2012,' I experimented this copying process with the image of a rabbit. I copied the rabbit image 100 times through this copying process in 2012. After, in 2014, I had come to have a chance of doing this work again. This time, I want to find the reason of image distortion, which happens throughout this copying process. So, I bring the principle of a copy machine, which is 'static electricity.' Because 'static electricity' is affected by humidity, I record each humidity of every condition that I work on. There are 11 different conditions, and all results are different from each other.

#1,3Aficio MP C5502, 2014 copies under the 10 conditions (one is omitted in this installation)/ size: dimensions variable, installation view (I installed 'Canon Image Runner C4080 2, 2012' along with these copies in the same room)
#2 HP Color Laser Jet CM6040f MFP, 2014 (right wall) 186 original copies out of 187 copies/ size: dimensions variable
#4,5 Canon Image Runner C4080 2, 2012 99 original copies out of 100 copies, and 13 copies are uninstalled/ size: dimensions variable
#6 The original rabbit image, 2012